The Indian Journal of Signal Processing (IJSP) has ISSN 2582-8320 (online), open-access, peer-reviewed, periodical quarterly international journal, which is published by Lattice Science Publication (LSP) in February, May, August and November.

The aim of the journal is to publish high quality peer–reviewed original articles in the area of Signal Processing that covers Analog Filter Design, Applications of Fourier Transforms, Coding Theory, Continuous Time Signals, Digital Communication Techniques, Digital Design and Synthesis, Digital Filter Structure, Digital Systems – Characterization, Description and Testing, Discrete Fourier Transform, DSP Algorithms and Architecture, IR Filters, IIR Filters, Linear Algebra for Signal Processing, Linear and Nonlinear Optimization, Multirate Signal Processing, Optical, Signal Processing, Random Processes, Signal Compression-Theory and Methods, Simple Digital Filters, Speech and Audio Processing, Wavelet Theory, Filter Design and Structures, Fast Algorithms, Adaptive filters, Nonlinear Signals and Systems, Multirate Filtering and Filter Banks, Signal Reconstruction, Time-Frequency Analysis, Spectral Estimation, Higher Order Spectrum Analysis, Parameter Estimation, Detection, Array Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Analysis, Signal and System Modelling, Cyclostationary Signal Analysis, Speech Production and Perception, Speech Analysis, Speech Synthesis, Speech Coding, Speech Recognition, Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction, Active Noise Control, Active Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation, Psychoacoustics, Broadband Audio Coding, Signal Processing for Music, Binaural Systems, Room Acoustics, Digital Transforms, HDTV, Multidimensional Systems, Machine Vision, Image Coding, Image Motion / Sequence / Video, Computed Imaging, Geophysical and Seismic Processing, Image Analysis and Segmentation, Image Filtering, Restoration and Enhancement, Image Representation and Modelling, Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Expert Systems, Multisensor Data Fusion, Architectures and VLSI Hardware, Programmable Signal Processors, Algorithms and Applications Mappings, Design Methology and CAD Tools, Languages and Real Time Software, Real Time System Estimation, Optimization Problems in Signal Processing, Radar, Sonar, Biomedical Processing, Geophysical Signal Processing, Underwater Signal Processing, Remote Sensing, Robotics, Astronomy, Classification, Crime on the Web, Security/Publicity/Privacy/Reputation, Frauds in Business Reputation, Satellite Signals Processing, Measure and Instrumentation. 

 Important Dates-
 Articles Submission Open for Volume-4 Issue-3, August 2024 
Last Date of Article Submission: 30 July 2024

Date of Notification: 15 August 2024 
Date of Publication: 30 August 2024 

Author (s) can submit articles electronically throughout the year. The Editors reserve the right to reject articles without sending them out for review. Submitted articles should not have been previously published or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Briefs and research notes are not published in this journal. Submitted articles must be within the scope of the journal. All articles go through a double-anonymized peer review process.

Authors must confirm that they have read and understood the content of their submitted article and ensure that it meets acceptable English grammar and usage standards. To help with the proofreading process, authors can use tools like Grammarly or similar applications. As an open-access journal, authors must pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) to publish their articles and retain copyright. Additionally, authors should familiarise themselves with the editorial and publishing policies of the journal.

After the final acceptance of the article, based upon the detailed review process and submission of required documents, the article will be published online immediately. However, the assignment of the article on a specific issue (see archive) will be taken up by the editors later, and the authors will be intimated accordingly. Time-bound special calls for articles will be announced for theme-based special issues.

Basic Journal Details–

ISSN: 2582-8320 (Online)
Publishing Frequency: 04 Issues per year (Quarterly: February, May, August and November)
Published By: Lattice Science Publication (LSP)
First Volume/Issue Publishing Year: 2021
Journal Starting Year: 2021
Publication Language: English
Primary Field: Signal Processing
CrossRef: Yes
Guidelines for Authors:
Editorial and Publishing Policies:
Publisher License under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0